“Looking back at little Jennie’s dreams… I’ve accomplished so many of them.”
Jennifer Zolman, OD
Even as a child, Jennifer Zolman always had a vision…a picture of where she wanted to live…of what she wanted to be. The future was always clear—to help people live healthier lives—even if one day the blackboard wasn’t.
Like many children, she first noticed that the teacher’s writing at the front of the room was a little fuzzy. She struggled and compensated, got glasses, and then one fateful day, journeyed to the eye doctor with her ever-present best friend to get contact lenses.
“I had already known I wanted to do something medical or be a veterinarian or something along those lines. And then when I put these contacts in my eyes, it was so amazing to me that this little piece of plastic could totally change my world and my view of everything I was seeing.”
Throughout her youth, Jennifer was a natural leader, one that other children just seemed to follow. Now, established in her practice, she spends much of her time focusing on pediatric eye health and treating young people, some of whom are following her into optometric careers of their own.
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